Unity Clocks Helps Michelin Two Star Restaurant Keep Track of Time

At Unity, we’re very proud of our clocks. Very proud indeed. 

This morning we read a story about a top class chef, with two Michelin Stars no less, and noticed she uses a top class clock to aid her kitchen. The clock she selected was our clock, a Unity clock. The Unity Radcliffe Sweeping Clock in Silver. 

We’re thrilled Clare at Core decided to chose our clock and we’re even more thrilled to be associated with perfection. Unity, helping amazing food to be delivered on time. 

Unity Clocks Help Michelin Starred Restaurant Run to Time

The link to the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45749353

Our Unity Radcliffe Clock can be found here: https://unity-clocks.com/collections/wall-clocks/products/radcliffe-silver-wall-clock